Sponsoring a Child with The Nepal Orphan Project

Thank you for taking the time to look at these options. Your support means everything to these adorable children.

All Sponsorship and Donation monies go through the "New Zealand Nepal Orphan Charitable Trust" a New Zealand Government registered Charitable Trust, and are used for the betterment of the children under the guardianship of The Nepal Orphan Project.

All the management time and effort in The Nepal Orphan Project has been and will continue to be freely given.  We hope that you recognize the value of the goals set forth by our organization. With the support from people like you the children in the Nepal Orphan Project enjoy loving care in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, quality education, regular health checks and an ample, well balanced diet.

As a sponsor we will provide you with a bi-annual progress report of your child. These reports will include school information, any medical treatments, and general disposition of the child. The report will also include a recent photo and an original piece of artwork.

We do not instruct our children to write the sponsors letters. All of our children come from diverse backgrounds. Their education levels, use of English language, and world-views vary tremendously. We do encourage sponsors to write very simple letters to their child, and to include photos or drawings. These can be sent directly to the shelter in Pokhara, or our New Zealand address, and we will give it to your special child. We believe that, over time as the children adjust to this program that more personal correspondence will develop.  You are always very welcome to visit your child any time and increase that bond.  We have created the following guidelines so that your sponsorship will be a rewarding experience for all.

Full or Dual Co-Sponsorship and other Sponsorship Options

Option 1 - Nepal Orphan Project Individual Child Full Sponsorship

US $1125 or NZ $1500 per annum.

This sponsorship program is designed to promote a long term bond between the sponsor and a child in order to increase  the  sustainability of our Children's program. The cost of fully sponsoring a child is $1500 New Zealand Dollars per annum. We ask our sponsors to consider sponsoring their child up to their higher education level of 18 years of age.

We understand that these are uncertain times, and sometimes this won't always be possible, but we request that you take this to heart before committing as a sponsor. You may prefer to co-sponsor or make a contribution to our general operating fund (refer to Other Sponsorship options).

Download the Full Sponsorship Form in PDF format


Option 2 - Nepal Orphan Project Individual Child Dual Co-Sponsorship.

US $150 or NZ $200 per annum each.

The co-sponsorship program is also designed to promote a long term bond with a child.  However this program registers two sponsorship sources  with a child, while also allowing for the sustainability of our Children’s program.

Download the Co-Sponsorship Form in PDF format


Other Ways to Sponsor a Child

We know that it is a big commitment to make the decision to sponsor a child fully, $NZD1500, or in part with our $NZD200 co-sponsor programme and it can be too much financially for one person to manage. If it is too much for you to provide but you are still interested in sponsoring a child, there are other options. We believe that child sponsorship is extremely rewarding to both parties.

For example, you can round up some of your friends and acquaintances and take part in a ‘half’ or ‘quarter’ sponsorship, each of you providing just a share of the commitment. We will not manage more than two sponsorship sources per child because we don't believe that we can provide the intimacy of Sponsor/Child relationship but understand that friends may group themselves together and be recognized by us as one full-sponsor or one co-sponsor as they choose).

We believe that child sponsorship is rewarding to both parties. There are many other ways you can help to support The Nepal Orphan Project. A small contribution can make a great difference to our children's lives. The following is a list of the many financial requirements and costs involved:

  • Clothes: New sets of clothes are bought every year costs around £29 or $US54 or Euro 42, or $NZD75 per child per annum.
  • School Bags and Shoes: Bags and Shoes cost around £10 or $US19 or Euro 14 or $NZD25 per child for a year.
  • Fruits: Seasonal fruits (nutritionally essential) £45 or $US83 or Euro 65 or $NZD110 per month for the shelter.
  • Food: Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and school snacks £10 or $US19 or Euro 14 or $NZD25 per child per month.
  • Meat: Provided twice a week for all children costs £16 or #US30 or Euro 23 or $NZD40 per week for the shelter.
  • Swimming: Done weekly. Very popular with the children travelling to the Pokhara pool. Costs £10 or $US19 or Euro 14 or $NZD25 each trip for all the children.
  • Stationery & Books: Paper, books, pens and pencils cost around £40 or $US74 or Euro 58 or $NZD100 per month for the shelter.
  • Annual Picnic: Another big event for all our children with a whole day outing, which includes games, treats, entertainment and a full picnic. Costs around £97 or $US179 or Euro 139 or $NZD240 per picnic.
  • Pocket Money: For treats (has not started yet due to priority of funds. To be supervised by staff). Proposed cost £25 or $US46 or Euro 46 or $NZD60 per month per shelter.
  • Medicine and Treatment: Typical month with child ailments £50 or $US92 or Euro 72 or $NZD120 per month per shelter.
  • Utilities: Includes electricity, water and gas costs around £50 or $US90 or Euro 72 or $NZD120 per month per shelter.
  • Vegetable Garden: Children enjoy working in the garden. Costs are variable and seasonal. Looking to rent more grounds.
  • Playground Rent: Currently not being done. Costs £16 or $US30 or Euro 23 or $NZD40 for monthly rent.
  • Music and Sports Equipment: For equiment costs around £72 or $US133 or Euro 104 or $NZD180 per year.
  • Buy a dinner for all children: Costs £18 or $US33 or Euro 26 or $NZD44 for an evening.
  • Toys and Dolls: New once a year costs £86 or $US159 or Euro 123 or NZD$210 per year.
  • Art Supplies: Paper, paints, brushes, crayons etc. £40 or $US74 or Euro 58 or $NZD100 per year.
  • Shelter Rent: Costs £525 or $US1250 or Euro 750 or $NZD1675 per month.
  • Group Special Treats: See General Donations below.
  • General Donation: Any donation towards general operating costs is always very gratefully recieved.

General Donation

You can offer a "General Donation", and specify on the donation form (from a long list of different options)  how you want us to spend your financial gift.  We undertake that all monies we receive from you on this basis will be spent on your selected activity. These can include:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Books / School Equipment
  • Medical Requirements
  • Building Rent
  • Toys and Art Supplies
  • Sports / Equipment
  • Annual Picnic
  • Buy a Dinner for all the Children!

Read More about this option here

Download the General Donation Form in PDF format

Sponsor an Event

We ask that sponsors refrain from giving the children individual gifts to celebrate a birthday or holiday. We provide plenty of clothing and toys for the children, and sharing is a big part of our disciplinary routine. If you are compelled to do this please provide something for all the children such as funding for an outing or small picnic or any activity that all of the children can enjoy together. Listed below are events the children like: (these are calculated for 25 Children)

  • Give a Momo party - costs about £16 or $US30 or Euro 23 or $NZ40
  • Send the children on an outing with snacks - costs about £22 or $US40 or Euro 30 or   $NZ53
  • Buy a new set of clothes for all the children costs - £120 or $US225 or Euro170 or $NZ300
  • Hire dance teacher to come for lessons twice in a week - costs about £ 26 or $US50 or Euro 38 or $NZ66
  • Send the children on a picnic - costs about £40 or $US75 or Euro 58 or $NZ100
  • Watch a movie in a Theater - costs about &pound22 or $US40 or Euro 30 or $NZ53
  • Ice-Cream party - costs about £11 or $US20 or Euro 15 or $NZ27
  • Provide art supplies, our children love art!!!

Please feel free to contact us directly at any time if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Again, we consider you as a family member and your inputs are always welcome and important to us.